Evelyn Knight

Speaker, Author, Life Coach

I help childcare business owners change their mindset so they can become superhero leaders of the industry.

Talk Topics

Re-Ignite Your Leadership

Are you working more than 40 hours a week as an ECE leader? Do you feel like your center owns you instead of the other way around? These issues can lead to burnout and a resentment towards your ECE career. It doesn't have to be this way. We work in the most important industry in the world. Re-igniting your leadership will empower you to create your dream team, and fall in love with Early Childhood Education once again.

Fierce Leadership
Every leader wants to be considered great. However, the majority of leaders struggle to make the transition from being a manager to a leader, let alone, stepping into their potential for greatness. Becoming a great leader requires ferocity!

Preserving The Wonder of Childhood

This talk is the full length Keynote from Evelyn's first TED Talk.

Is our society stealing childhood from children? In this keynote, Evelyn paints the picture of what a typical child's life looks like in today's world and how we as adults are inadvertently causing trauma in their daily lives by not understanding their developmental needs 90% of the human brain is formed in the first 5 years of life!  We Do the most important work! ECE can Change the world!

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