Join Us at the Child Care Business & Leadership Summit

June 20-21, 2024, Lake Tahoe, NV

Say "YES!"

to Conquering the Child Care Cliff!

More than 70,000 child care programs have closed, or are at risk of closing in 2024, impacting more than 3 million children.

Don't be one of them!

Join us at the Childcare Business Professionals Summit to connect with

like-minded professionals, gain transformative strategies, and turn your challenges into triumphs.

Together, we’ll secure a brighter future for your childcare center and the children you serve.

While Our Industry Deals With The Latest Crisis,

Our Children Are At Risk!

Are you struggling with . . .

  • Financial Anxiety: Are you losing sleep over the end of pandemic funding and fearing for your center's future? We know the stress of financial uncertainty, and we're here to help you secure a stable financial foundation.

  • Cost Pressures: Feeling crushed by rising expenses and worried about keeping tuition affordable? We've faced the same financial pressures and can show you how to balance costs without sacrificing quality.

  • Staffing Struggles: Is high turnover and difficulty finding dedicated staff leaving you frustrated and exhausted? We've been there too, and we can share effective strategies to build a loyal, passionate team.

  • Enrollment Worries: Does the unpredictability of enrollment numbers leave you anxious about your center's stability? We know that fear, and we're ready to help you implement marketing and retention strategies that bring peace of mind.

  • Regulatory Overload: Are you overwhelmed by the constant changes in regulations and the burden of compliance? We've navigated these same complexities and can help you streamline processes so you can focus on caring for children.

  • Parent Expectations: Do you feel the pressure of meeting parents' high expectations and maintaining strong communication? We've felt that pressure too and can help you build trust and satisfaction among the families you serve.

  • Future Uncertainty: Are you uncertain about the long-term viability of your childcare center? We've shared those doubts, and we can help you craft a sustainable plan that ensures your center not only survives but thrives.

From Crisis to Confidence: Transform Your Childcare Center's Future

Join Us for An Unprecedented Gathering of Minds Ready

to Innovate & Lead the Child Care Industry Away From the Cliff

Why You Should Attend:

  • Enjoy time with a Community of Growth Minded Early Childhood Education Leaders...

    So that you can stay on the pulse of what is working and go home with a whole rolodex of like-minded business buddies!

  • Become A Better Leader...

    So that you can recruit and retain a Dream Team of staff and realize the TRUE FREEDOM that can be found in Business Ownership!

  • Become A Successful Child Care Business Owner...

    So that you can attract a steady and growing list of loyal families and build a business that thrives.

  • Meet New People And Make Connections....

    So that you can Share Your Vision, going home with a whole rolodex of Like-Minded Business Buddies that will forever be rooting for your success!

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to create a sustainable financial plan to keep your center thriving, even as pandemic-era funding ends. Secure the tools and knowledge to navigate financial challenges confidently.

  • Get innovative solutions to attract and retain passionate, motivated employees. Say goodbye to high turnover and hello to a stable, enthusiastic team.

  • Learn effective marketing and community engagement tactics to keep your classrooms full and your income steady. Gain peace of mind with strategies that attract and retain families.

  • Stay ahead of compliance requirements with expert advice on simplifying processes and meeting standards without the headache. Make complex regulations easy to understand and implement, allowing you to focus on what you do best—caring for children.

  • Discover ways to foster strong, trusting relationships with families, ensuring their loyalty and satisfaction with your center. Learn how to meet and exceed parent expectations with high-quality care and communication.

  • Develop a robust, forward-thinking plan to ensure your business not only survives but thrives for years to come. Develop a robust, forward-thinking plan for your center’s future.

What People are saying about The Childcare Business Summit

Tiffanie Cruz, Owner

Port Arthur, TX

Mike Torres, Owner

Charlotte, NC

Danyiel Louis, Owner

Boca Raton, FL

"I brought 2 of my leaders to the Child Care Business Summit.

I have so much more to do in my business owning & life journey and not only was I inspired but so were the perspectives of my 2 co-workers. Since then, we have all imagined more, desired more & made connections that we wouldn't have made without the experience."

-Julie Amy

Pinckney, MI

"Be prepared to have your life changed!

Before attending this Summit, I was lacking the confidence in myself and the child care industry to expand as a home provider to a center-based provider. I went home from this conference with the confidence to move forward with my dream. On June 12, I opened my center! Evelyn, her team and the speaker this conference chooses made me feel empowered and gave me the guidance to make my dreams come true! I am now looking for my 2nd location",

- Synthia Kenision

Winnemucca, NV

"Watch out! The Child Care Business Summit with Evelyn Knight is a power house!

I am inspired to be better, keep growing and never give up no matter what things look like. This summit is the real deal. Thank you Evelyn Knight for showing up, inspiring me and my team to never stop growing.

The ladies I spent time with have become my friends and sisters. Evelyn Kngiht is someone to respect and admire."

- Tara Kochanskyj

Long Island, NY


In the Beautiful Location Of Tahoe Blue Event Center,
South Lake Tahoe!


The Tahoe Blue Event Center

75 U.S. 50

Stateline, Nevada 89449

75 US-50, Stateline, NV 89449, USA


Wednesday, June 19th

4:00 - 5:30 pm Pre-Registration

Exclusive VIP Ticketholder Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Thursday, June 20th

8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Registration, Continental Breakfast & Networking

Morning Sessions Include

"Redefining Success: Innovation for a New Era in ECE" - Evelyn Knight

"Pivot Point: Transformative Strategies for Leadership in the New Era of ECE" - Tony Child

Lunch included for all registrants.

Afternoon Sessions Include

"Streamlining Business Operations for More Impact" - Aaron Hageman

"Relationship Marketing" Maresa Friedman

"The Insurance Crisis in Child Care: Advocacy and Solution" - Samantha Phillip

Breakout Sessions:

Income Streams, Creating a Brand that Sells; Fostering Strong Trusting Relationships with Families, the Power of Now, and How to Commuicate Your Vision to Build a Loyal, Motivated Team


- Networking Event - Find your Business Bestie at this event!

Friday, June 21st

8:00 AM- 4:30 PM

Continental Breakfast & Networking

Morning Sessions Inlcude

"Elevated Leadership: Adopting an Elite Mindset" - Tony Child:

Lighting Coaching Sessions with Evelyn Knight

Lunch included for all registrants.

Afternoon Sessions Include

"The Power of Resilience" - Scott Wayman"

"Secrets to Being the Leader that Attracts & Retains Clients & Team"

- Evelyn Knight

Exclusive Invitation Only Dinner:
For Our Community Members! Dinner with Aaron Hagman, the visionary force behind Hageman Enterprices, a premier business management & advisory consulting firm.

**Schedule and sessions are subject to change.

Individual Summit Ticket

  • Daily Access to Leading Experts in Mindset, Business Consulting and Early Childhood Education

  • Continental Breakfast Breakfast Each Day

  • Networking and Lunch Each Day

  • All Access Networking Event Thursday Evening

  • Access to Successful Center Owners hand selected as Master Coaches

Regular Pricing $747

Exclusive VIP Ticket

ONLY 20 Seats Left!

  • All the Access and Benefits of the Individual Summit Ticket

PLUS . . .

  • VIP Only Dinner with Exclusive Access to Summit Speakers on Wednesday, June 19th.

  • Hassle-Free Access to the Summit via a VIP Only Entrance

  • Prime Seating at the front of the Room, giving you the best view and enhancing your experience

  • VIP Lunch Experience: Sit at special VIP lunch tables with a Master Coach available to answer your questions and provide valuable insights

Regular Pricing $947

Your Host: Evelyn Knight

CEO and Founder of Child Care Business Professionals

& Zoo'n Around Preschool

Evelyn Knight, a dynamic two-time TEDx speaker, internationally acclaimed child care business mentor and coach, stands at the forefront of empowering the child care business arena. As the CEO and founder of Child Care Business Professionals, she has redefined success in early childhood education.

Her magnetic presence and expertise shine through in her roles as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and host of The Child Care Business Coach podcast.

Evelyn's journey to success has been marked by resilience and determination. From humble beginnings working in ECE over 25 years ago to owning and transforming over 100 child care centers.

she has experienced firsthand the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. Through perseverance and a commitment to continuous learning, Evelyn has overcome obstacles and emerged as a beacon of inspiration for others in the industry.


  • Owners who want to improve the quality of their center as a business or expand their center opportunities.

  • Aspiring Owners wanting to move from in-home to a Center.

  • Directors of Church-based childcare and preschool programs.

  • Leaders who need guidance in managing the business of childcare.

  • You! You need to attend!

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