Meet the CCBP Team:

Evelyn Knight, CEO & Founder

Evelyn Knight is on a mission to touch the lives of 1 million children through early child education. She is a 2 time TEDx speaker who is educating the world about the importance of the first 5 years of a child's life. Evelyn h specializes in empowering professionals in the child care setting. She is a child care center owner who understands that you can have a successful business without giving up your life and your income. 

Evelyn is the  CEO and founder of Child Care Business Professionals which has helped hundreds of ECE leaders find success and relief internationally. As an engaging speaker and leading expert in Early Childhood Education, she is also the host of The Child Care Business Coach podcast and has been a successful child care center owner for over a decade. Evelyn specializes in helping leaders navigate the business and psychological overwhelm of managing child care programs while making sure the children always come first. 

Evelyn is passionate about elevating the ECE field and is leading the charge in the ECE Revolution! She has already helped over 1000 child care center's improve their business operations, helping owners to workless and become financially stable.

Cristina Richmond, COO

Cristina Richmond, COO

As CCBP’s Chief Operations Officer, Cristina Richmond, brings extensive executive experience to the team.

The former Vice President and Co-Owner of TLG Financial Foundation, a Profit First professional firm, Cristina was also the Co-Founder of the Small Biz Financial Coach and founder of Richmond Business Financial.

Cristina’s first class expertise has allowed her to perfect the art of helping businesses organize and take control of their operations and finances to create cash flow.

As a business owner herself and financial coach, Cristina understands what it takes to work through, guide, and grow systematic business operational success. Client success has always been her business card and she brings this track record to every aspect of ChildCare Business Professionals. Helping each person build the success they are searching for by utilizing all that she has to offer, Cristina knows success is finding balance in never-ending personal and professional growth.

Her greatest passion is in the mindset work, knowing that having the right mindset is the strongest foundation for success!

Brandy Timmsen, Director Trainer and Client Liaison

Brandy Timmsen, Director Trainer
and Client Liaison

Brandy’s journey in the world of Early Child Education began 15 years ago when her daughter entered a co-op preschool program in California. She volunteered in the center and loved it. When her family moved to Nevada, she opened her own in-home child care business operating for three years before going to work at a center.

To date, she has been the Director for Evelyn Knight for over 7 years. An ECE advocate, she volunteers with NEVAEYC. Her desire is to help ECE professionals, especially in rural areas, further understand the importance of Early Childhood Education.

ECE is her true calling. For Brandy, “It is where we as caregivers truly influence young children in obtaining a love and passion for learning.”

Bekah Polley, Finance

Bekah Polley, Finance

Bekah is the founder and owner of Perfectly Polley, a Virtual Office Management company specializing in bookkeeping for small-to-medium businesses. She started Perfectly Polley as a passion project to help clients track, manage, and understand their finances so that they can make business savvy decisions.

With twelve years of accounting experience and a track record of satisfied clients from a variety of industries, Bekah has become a genius at giving business owners and their teams back 10, 15, or 20 hours a week so they can function in THEIR BUSINESS GENIUS!

Throughout her early years as an employee in sales, office management, and accounting, Bekah learned that integrity is non-negotiable, especially when it comes to financial matters. Now, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, clients can depend on her to be honest in all dealings and demonstrate uncompromising integrity. While you don’t need an accounting degree to understand bookkeeping, it is essential to understand financial statements and feel comfortable with the numbers. Bekah is available to ensure that clients have clarity concerning all financial matters.

With openness and accountability, she will provide you with all the information you need and want concerning your finances.

Chelyn Butts, Classroom Management and Teacher Training Coach

Chelyn Butts, Classroom Management and Teacher Training Coach

Chelyn brings over 30 years of experience in the early childhood education field specializing in leading, mentoring, training and encouraging directors and teachers.

Beginning her career as a preschool teacher in 1991, she is now a child care center owner in Texas. She teaches the CDA Program at a local college and conducts trainings for directors and teachers in her area.

Chelyn has a deep passion for working alongside teachers in the classroom, instilling the importance of classroom management and how to set up a classroom properly. She loves teaching positive discipline skills and the importance of positive interactions and building relationships with children.

She serves as an expert on understanding how the brain works and why challenging behaviors happen and is a powerful resource for teachers and staff.

Tara Kochanskyj, Multi-Center Owner and Remote Leadership Coach

Tara Kochanskyj, Multi-Center Owner and Remote Leadership Coach

Tara began her career in the early childhood sector 23 years ago as a floater teacher at a local preschool.
Her passion for the industry propelled her growth both personally and professionally.

Tara currently owns two centers and co-owns a mommy and me and birthday party company in New York, all of which she manages remotely from home in Florida.

Tara never imagined herself as a remote owner but when she found herself working in the business rather than working on it she knew if she was going to continue her growth she had to remove herself from the day to day.

Tara has big dreams and cannot wait to create new ones each day!

Tiffanie Cruz, Staff Support and Team Building Coach

Tiffanie Cruz, Staff Support &
Team Building Coach

A dedicated and experienced professional in the field of early childhood education. Tiffanie has been involved in childcare for over 20 years, as a teacher, assistant, Director, and current owner.

She has trained with the quality improvement system for Texas, and has taught the associates degree for child, care and development for 10 years. She is passionate about making positive changes in the industry.

Tiffanie is described as a leader, who inspires other early childhood educators to improve and break the glass ceilings in their profession. She is known for being an encouraging and motivating presents, as well as someone who builds up her stuff and helps him reach their full potential.

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