Time is Relative... Let me explain

Slow Down to Speed Up

January 18, 20232 min read

“Slow Down to Speed UP”

ISlow Down to Speed Up

Sounds counter-intuitive? I thought so too! Now I know better.

To be the best leader, we HAVE to take care of our mental health. 

Allow yourself a break. Taking on too much and carrying it all on your shoulders will lead to mediocre work.
Learn from me. 

2022 was tough for me... I fought this. I felt like I NEEDED to Grind and I fell back into bad habits of overwork and over availability. 

HOW DID I NOT LEARN FROM MY OWN PAST?!? The last time I did this, I ended up diagnosed with a NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE! 
But, I didn't learn... Old habits are easy to return to. 2022 brought a brain injury and the prescribed remedy was the hardest I have ever had to accept. 
My therapist prescribed 1 week off per month for my brain to recover!!! 
The first month, I KNEW I had to go somewhere away from wifi and communication in order for me to comply. I thought it would drive me crazy and I might fail. Turns out... it works! Coming back I was actually more productive and because of the systems and delegation I have in place, my companies were thriving! 

Truth is... time is relative. You WILL get done what needs to be done in the time span you give yourself. If you put limits on your time, you will do what you need to in the time allotted. 
My 2023 looks different. So should yours.

I have a morning routine that is not disrubtable and I have a hard stop on my work day at 6:00pm. I get done what needs to be done in the time constraints of the afternoon. Yes, I still take off a week most months and  I am more productive and produce better quality work. I am also happier! 

Are you where I was? It is ok. Realize and take accountability that you are doing it to yourself. 
Your time is precious and there is more than enough of it in an 8 hour workday. Focusing on your zone of genius and creating systems of delegation for the rest is KEY. Have accountability partners to serve as a gut-check when you slip into bad habits. 

This is exactly why I created Childcare Business Professionals. We teach the systems and skills, serve as your accountability partners, and create a community that helps to pull you out of SURVIVAL MODE and into a place of THRIVING! 

Click the link below for more information about our Mastermind. We are here! Make 2023 look different.

Get your Happy Back! 

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