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January 03, 20233 min read

Make decisions today based on what the 80 year-old version of you will be proud of. Will your future self thank your present self for that decision?" - Evelyn Knight

HELLO and Happy New Year! 

Since the last time I wrote a message to my audience and friends, I fulfilled a "Bucket List" goal that I have had on my List for years... I was a speaker on the Ted Talk stage AND I have been asked to do another!!!

While this is a BIG DEAL and I am so excited about it, I can't say that I am surprised.

A few years ago, I created a Bucket List and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Along with the list, I have made a promise to myself that I AM going to cross a couple off each year, AND I DO! 
I understand that many people live in the world of SOMEDAY. 
"Someday I will be able to...."
"Someday we will have..."

It can also look like "If, Then."

"If I can _____, then I will be happy."
"If I get ______, then I will _____." 

What if 2023 is the year you decided to make goals you are going to keep? 
Statistically, something like 90% of all "New Year's Resolutions" are broken by March. So, if you make it bast the 60 day mark, you are already above the fold. 

When I decided to be a goal-oriented person, what I really decided to do was to NOT BE A STATISTIC! All I needed to do to start was NOT be one of the 90% who fail by March! 

According to John Maxwell, it comes down to AWARENESS... and now I am making you aware! 

Why don't you make a Bucket List? 

Why don't you realize what really can be done? 

TODAY can be your day, Not SOMEDAY.

Let me ask you... what are you allowing into your life? 

Goal Attainment takes ACCOUNTABILITY and a HARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Ask yourself... "What am I doing to create the life I live?"
What do you need to be aware of and what Bucket List items are you going to put into your calendar for 2023 and what are you going to check off that list by December 31? 
At 80, I am going to be sitting on my porch thinking back over my life and I am going to be answering some questions with a smile on my face. 
What am you proud of FOR ME? 

Who am I  that my children can be proud of? 

Make decisions today based on what the 80 year-old version of you will be proud of. Will your future self thank your present self for that decision? 


2023 can be your year. 

Don't wait for pain to make you change. Be proactive now. 

I have been in this practice since I was 25 and I finally put my practices into form. This was the birth story of my Planner. My Planner was specifically designed to help guide you to a life of intentionality. 
I should call it a Road Map to Life. 
If you haven't gotten yours yet, it is not too late. I have intentionally left it undated, so you can start living the life of intention any time. 

Success in there. It is the beginning of the year and you have a PERFECT RECORD right NOW. Don't Lose Your Streak! There is SO MUCH to experience! 

I will leave you with my greatest accomplishment and wish for you as well. Use what you go through to elevate yourself and others. Use it for fuel and momentum. THIS is what 2022 was for me and I am carrying it forward. 
Give Back to the world around you and Bring Life to the World. 

I am taking control and so can you! God had plans for our good and we don't have to be afraid. 


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