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Do You Feel Out of Balance?

November 29, 20222 min read

"Fulfillment is created when our schedules are aligned with who we are becoming and who we want to be."

Do you feel like your life is out of balance? 

I teach and believe in my core that an Abundance Mindset is important.... I know that! 

BUT.... here is a huge confession... I have had a Scarcity Mindset when it comes to TIME. 

Hear me...I KNOW there is more than enough time. We just don't know how to use it correctly, but there IS enough! 
We need to change our mindset on how we USE time! 
Without time management, we live a life out of balance. 

Get a hold of time = Find balance in your life

Real lasting time management takes 

  • intentionality

  • techniques

  • a little work

Think about it. If you find yourself "losing" just 5 minutes at a time (maybe to check Social Media) 12 times a day, you have essentially LOST 1 HOUR. 
If this becomes a habit over a year, that 365 days equates to 365 HOURS LOST! That is over 15 DAYS worth of time unmanaged! 

Time Management goes beyond organizing your time and DOES NOT include eliminating self-care practices. (I teach you how to add MORE of this in to add to your productivity) 
Time Management is about patching the holes where time seems to be literally draining out and you feel like there is nothing left for YOU. 

SPOILER- it doesn't have to be that way! 

It does take learning techniques. 

Today, I am Joyful, looking forward to the holidays and making them special for my family. But I was not born this way. I learned to be this way. I learned how to how up better for my people. 

Time Management is the building block.

Organization, Management, Creating Balance... all of it starts with more time! 
Setting expectations can cause HOPE or DISAPPOINTMENT. Don't lose HOPE!

You CAN take your life back!

You CAN have joy and love for Christmas!

You CAN create a life that is not overwhelming. 

It takes INTENTIONALITY to have what we all want... which is PEACE. 

"Fulfillment is created when our schedules are aligned with who we are becoming and who we want to be." 

Are you ready to make the change happen? Learn the techniques and set your intention for BALANCE? 

Take my Time Management Course LIVE this Friday, December 2nd. Make the decision to change your life! 

I can't wait to see you Friday! 


Evelyn Knight

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