Does 2023 Already Feel Like A Lot

Choose Opportunities over Problems

January 24, 20231 min read

“Choose Opportunity over Problems.” - Evelyn Knight

Does 2023 already feel like A LOT? 

Are you already putting out fires and dealing with problems? 

Being honest, have you EVER had a season that was without problems?  

Here is something for us to think about as we can feel overwhelmed with the problems we are facing today.
Ask yourself... in 2033, will the problems that consume you today still matter? 

  • Everything you do is a choice.

  • How we perceive the world is a choice.

  • There will always be a problem to address.

  • WHAT IF we saw them as solutions waiting to happen. As opportunities for growth. 

    The real question becomes... WHY DO WE GIVE IT THE POWER TO OVERCOME US? These are just daily, everyday, normal struggles. 

    Go Create A Perfect Moment and then string it together with another one. 

Here is your challenge for the week... before your feet hit the ground in the morning, ask yourself,
"How am I going to CHOOSE to view the day?" 

Choose Opportunity over Problems! 

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