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Are you REALLY Done?

February 21, 20232 min read

You want your Center... you just don't want it to OWN YOU!

Are you REALLY Done? 
I hear it so much.. "I'm So Done!" 
Focusing on problems LITERALLY may hinder solutions. 

Awareness is the key. Being aware of possibility makes you aware of CHOICE. 
Here is a possibility.
You don't have to quit what you LOVE just because you are unaware of other options. 
I know the feeling. Your heart wants you to stay and GOD has you where you need to be to fulfill your calling. But it feels like endless problems...

The problem is YOU. You place the blame on everything else, but the failure may be YOU. 
Ask for relief and give yourself GRACE. You don't know what you don't know. 
The best thing you can do is align yourself with people who do have it figured out. 

You don't have to hide, quit, seek out a career change.... you CAN do something else AND not give up your dream and asset... you just need to know how! 

There are other options and opportunities. Others have done it all with ease and expertise. The answer to your problems lies within your community. If you don't have a community, it is time! If you need to LEVEL UP your community, it is time! 

This is why I developed Childcare Business Professionals. I know how lonely it is. I know how it is to feel like an island. I know that your Director doesn't understand. Your husband, mom, kids, no-one knows what is on your shoulders. 

Listen... PERSERVERE... look for solutions! 
If you are like me and our community....
you DO WANT YOUR CENTER, you just don't want it to own you! 

Let us be your community.

Let us provide you with solutions.

Let us provide you that FREEDOM.

Feel Your Heart.

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