Coming to Lake Tahoe, NV!

June 20-21, 2024

If there is ANY event or Professional Development opportunity that you are going to attend…. THIS IS THE ONE!

If you are serious about:

  • Growing in your business.

  • Keeping it sustainable

  • Not giving away all your time and quality of life

  • Fulfilling your Calling, and not creating a work pile for yourself

Then…. The ECE Childcare Business Summit is for you! This is the Convention of the year for our industry. The must-be place for Learning, Sharing, Networking, and Elevating

It is time for a REVOLUTION… an #ECERevolution


Pre-Sale Special Pricing

Why you should attend:

  • A Time To Relax And Enjoy time with a Community of Growth Minded ECE Leaders... So That you can stay on the pulse of what is working in ECE!

  • Become A Better Leader... So That you can recruit and retain a Dream Team of staff!

  • Become A Successful Child Care Business Owner... So That you can attract a steady and growing list of loyal families!

  • Constant Growth Opportunities... So That you avoid becoming stagnant and destined to shrink, sell, or declare bankruptcy!

  • Discover your Purpose Building a Winning Team of Dedicated, Vision-Driven Staff... So that you realize the TRUE FREEDOM that can be found in Business Ownership!

  • Meet New People And Make Connections.... So that you can Share Your Vision, going home with a whole rolodex of Like-Minded Business Buddies that will forever be rooting for your success!

What People are saying about The Childcare Business Summit

Tiffanie Cruz, Owner

Port Arthur, TX

Mike Torres, Owner

Charlotte, NC

Danyiel Louis, Owner

Boca Raton, FL

I brought 2 of my leaders to the Child Care Business Summit. I have so much more to do in my business owning & life journey and not only was I inspired but so were the perspectives of my 2 co-workers. Since then, we have all imagined more, desired more & made connections that we wouldn't have made without the experience.

Julie Amy, Owner

Pinckney, MI


We are looking forward to our 2024 Childcare Business Summit in Lake Tahoe, Nevada!

We will be showcasing new learning opportunities through interactive lessons, networking with the best professionals in the childcare industry, and most importantly, having fun! You’ll have the opportunity to speak with other business owners just like you and work together to find solutions to problems and share your experiences!


Evelyn Knight - Host

CEO and Founder

It may seem like I have it together, but it hasn’t always been that way. I started working in ECE over 25 years ago. I have held almost every position in a Preschool or childcare center. I have owned 3 centers, one I built from the ground up, one I purchased while it was operating, and I purchased one that had been shut down due to regulation violations. For years, my centers owned me instead of me owning them. I worked at least 50 hours a week and used my family’s personal money to keep the doors open.

During that period, the director and owner in me were in a battle between creating a high-quality center and a profitable one. My directors mind wanted a high-quality childcare center, not a daycare! The owner in me knew that making enough money to pay the bills had to come first. For a long time, I thought it was not possible to have a high quality, developmentally appropriate center and turn a profit.
Fast forward through a lot of lessons learned, money spent, and coaching gleaned...and now it is my life's mission to show you how to take back control of your center so that you can own your time while making money!

Meet The CCBP Team:

Cristina Richmond, COO

As CCBP’s Chief Operations Officer, Cristina Richmond, brings extensive executive experience to the team. The former Vice President and Co-Owner of TLG Financial Foundation, her greatest passion is in the mindset work, knowing that having the right mindset is the strongest foundation for success!

Mandy Minitello, CMO

As a Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Mandy excels in her work with the Client Success Team, utilizing reverse engineering to develop systematic plans for exponential Center growth, as well as being a master strategist in Sales and Marketing. A skilled trainer, Mandy loves helping clients make money to reinvest into their business and build out their own marketing programs.

Lisa Wodke,

Client Services Coordinator

Lisa Marie serves as an invaluable resource as Client Services Coordinator. From policy and procedure review to proper documentation for your management team, Lisa Marie shares her wealth of HR acumen. But, perhaps her greatest asset is that she is a great listener, proactive problem-solver and she thoroughly enjoys helping people work through mindset blocks to achieve greater things!


Pre-Sale Special Pricing!


  • Owners who want to improve the quality of their center as a business or expand their center opportunities.

  • Aspiring Owners wanting to move from in-home to a Center.

  • Directors of Church-based childcare and preschool programs.

  • Leaders who need guidance in managing the business of childcare.

details to come

Guest Speakers: To Be Announced

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