Meet the CCBP Team:

Cristina Richmond, COO

As CCBP’s Chief Operations Officer, Cristina Richmond, brings extensive executive experience to the team. The former Vice President and Co-Owner of TLG Financial Foundation, a Profit First professional firm, Cristina was also the Co-Founder of the Small Biz Financial Coach and founder of Richmond Business Financial.

Cristina’s first class expertise has allowed her to perfect the art of helping businesses organize and take control of their operations and finances to create cash flow.

As a business owner herself and financial coach, Cristina understands what it takes to work through, guide, and grow systematic business operational success.

Client success has always been her business card and she brings this track record to every aspect of ChildCare Business Professionals. Helping each person build the success they are searching for by utilizing all that she has to offer, Cristina knows success is finding balance in never-ending personal and professional growth.

Her greatest passion is in the mindset work, knowing that having the right mindset is the strongest foundation for success!

Mandy Minitello, CBDO

At CCBP, we hire people who are 100% ALL IN and bring their best and no one embodies that more than the incredible Mandy Minitello.

As a Chief Business Development Officer, Mandy excels in her work with the Client Success Team, utilizing reverse engineering to develop systematic plans for exponential Center growth, as well as being a master strategist in Sales and Marketing. A skilled trainer, Mandy loves helping clients make money to reinvest into their business and build out their own marketing programs.

But Mandy’s career success started years before she joined ChildCare Business Professionals. Prior to working as a Business Strategist, Mandy spent 17 years in education as a teacher, Special Education Coordinator, school administrator, and state-wide teacher trainer. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Education.

She’s no stranger to business. In addition to her years in education and educational leadership, she established her own custom apparel business and as well as a Tutoring Agency focused on the unique needs of students with dyslexia.

Mandy is able to take clients by the “virtual” hand and walk them step by step towards accomplishing their goals with an infectious positive energy!

Lisa Wodke, Client Coordinator

As a Strategic Advisor for CCBP, Lisa Marie serves as an invaluable resource on the Client Success Team.

Lisa Marie comes to ChildCare Business Professionals with over 20 years of strategic business coaching experience, working with start-ups, small businesses, as well as large corporations.

Earning her degree in Human Services Management, Lisa Marie chose to continue her education, compounding her degree with the addition of a paralegal certificate and a human resources certificate.

From policy and procedure review to proper documentation for your management team, Lisa Marie shares her wealth of business acumen, coupled with Human Resources expertise to support each client in their specific needs.

But, perhaps her greatest asset is that she is a great listener, proactive problem-solver and she thoroughly enjoys helping people work through mindset blocks to achieve greater things!

Moira Nemedez, Client Coordinator

Moira brings a wealth of classroom knowledge to the Client Success Team.

With many years of experience working in in the ECE community in a religious center, a “high quality” center, a “low-quality” center, as well as experience within the disability community, Moira has walked in the shoes of her clients and is able to be a sage of support.

Moira has earned her BS in HDFS with an emphasis in Elementary Education Teacher Preparation. This education empowers her to provide guidance when it comes to classroom management, curriculum and developing lesson plans, and DAP.

Moira is a creative outlet on the team, able to see opportunities from multiple angles and provide a teacher’s perspective on issues within the center.

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