How to Create Your Child Care Business Dream Team without

  • Posting a Help Wanted Ad
  • Having to Sift Through Hundreds of Resumes
  • Sit Through 20+ Interviews
  • To Ultimately End Up Hiring Someone Who Sticks Around for Only 6 Months

The average retention rate for team members in Child Care Businesses is a measly 6 months. What if I told you that my team has been with me for 3+ years and is still going strong?

This can be true for your business too!

However, it starts with you not duct taping your team together.

When you allow a duct-taped team to run your child care center, you will never know what is truly going on in your business or be able to build longevity as I have.

When the team you’ve built shares your Passion and Vision for your child care center, they become the lifeblood of the center allowing you:

  • the freedom to spend more time with your family & friends,
  • frees up your mental space to enjoy your hobbies again,
  • and gives you the peace of mind that everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

It may seem like I have it together, but it hasn’t always been that way. I started working in ECE over 25 years ago. I have held almost every position in a Preschool or childcare center.

I have owned 3 centers, one I built from the ground up, one I purchased while it was operating, and I purchased one that had been shut down due to regulation violations. For years, my centers owned me instead of me owning them. I worked at least 50 hours a week and used my family’s personal money to keep the doors open.

During that period, the director and owner in me were in a battle between creating a high-quality center and a profitable one. My directors mind wanted a high-quality childcare center, not a daycare! The owner in me knew that making enough money to pay the bills had to come first. For a long time, I thought it was not possible to have a high quality, developmentally appropriate center and turn a profit.

I want to invite you to a special event I’m hosting for Child Care Business Professionals.

Child Care Business Professionals

The Dream Team Masterclass

This is an exclusive LIVE 1-Day Event where I’ll be teaching my T.E.A.M. Formula for building your Dream Team with your existing team members.

That’s right, you do not need to worry about hiring anyone new. I will show you how to take what you already have and mold it into something that actually works for your business.

This event will only be $197 but will pack a powerful punch for your business.

I will be sharing my T.E.A.M. Formula where you will learn:

  • A complete set of systems that are duplicatable so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel with every new hire.
  • How to properly recruit so that you don’t have to spend money on Help Wanted ads and risk hiring the wrong person
  • The proper way to On-Board new team members so that they stay with you for years to come (this is easier than you think)
  • Example Training methods so that everything your new team member learns can be implemented the first time without having to be retrained
  • Live implementation so that as soon as you finish the Dream Team Masterclass you already have the tools and strategies in place to get results immediately
  • Gain inspirational leadership skills so that you are the best version of yourself allowing your team to thrive in their roles

This Live Dream Team Masterclass will take place on

Friday, April 1, 2022, from 9 am – 1 pm PST

I’m excited to help you with this vital part of your business success as a Child Care Business Professional.

Click the button below to secure your spot. We are only accepting a limited number of participants since this is a live training.

They Have Dream Teams, Now You Can Too!

I would love to take this time to thank Evelyn Knight for how amazing she is. She is full of knowledge and has a passion for helping childcare owners, directors and developers in becoming the best you for our baby's. I'm so grateful and blessed to be a part of such an amazing group. I joined the paid professional coaching group a little over six months ago in hopes of to gain the knowledge to open a preschool! She has exceeded those expectations tremendously.

Aaron Shannon


Evelyn is an amazing vessel of expertise and wisdom with the business and life experience necessary to guide us in our childcare businesses. I have gleaned so much information, tips, support, forms, procedures, policies, and guidance from this amazing woman through the paid membership site, Masterminds.

The wealth of information above and beyond what's provided here is worth every cent. Thank you Evelyn. You are amazing!

Sue Gibbs

Sugar Run, PA Owner

T-Town Childcare Center

It's such a tremendous advantage having Evelyn in your corner. Her experience in inner knowledge of our business cuts out a lot of work and headaches for us!! She responds quickly and she lends me any paperwork I ask to see.

Even with my own "wisdom" I can't imagine moving forward in any direction without being able to consult Evelyn and her team of experts first. Mastermind is worth the investment!!

Shanda Crawford Carey Lincol

NB Busy Buddies Daycare

This is your moment. I can’t wait to help you build the Dream Team you’ve always wanted.

Click below to save your spot!

We are only accepting a limited number of participants since this is a live training.

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